ENDOPLASMIC FLOW, Jon Tyler (Endoplasmic Flow) Michael Thomas Roe (Kluster) Ole Christensen (Big Robot) using additional solo sounds by Conrad Schnitzler
ホーム KLUSTER (Cluster)/Conrad Schnitzler,Joachim Roedelius,Dieter Moebius > ENDOPLASMIC FLOW
KLUSTER (Cluster)/Conrad Schnitzler,Joachim Roedelius,Dieter Moebius > ENDOPLASMIC FLOW

Jon Tyler (Endoplasmic Flow)
Michael Thomas Roe (Kluster)
Ole Christensen (Big Robot)

using additional solo sounds by Conrad Schnitzler

Where the hybrids grow

With its suggestion of the organic, the name ‘Endoplasmic Flow’ is a fitting moniker for, Englishman,

Jon Tyler’s latest project. Jon has spent the last three years synthesising complex sound-scapes using

the electronic building blocks found within the prolific stock of Conrad Schnitzler’s (Con’s) ‘solo’ pieces.

And Jon isn’t the only one who’s been experimenting with Con’s amino-acids. Across the Atlantic Ocean,

American, Michael Thomas Roe and over the North Sea, Norwegian, Ole Christensen, have also been

enriching Con’s primeval soup with their own unique sonic ingredients. For Michael Thomas Roe, examples

of this collaboration can be heard in the work of Kluster (2007-2009) and the 3 Mic & Con releases and for

Ole Christensen with that of Big Robot on the "Aquafit" and "Horror odyssee" releases. It was only a matter

of time before common sense and sensibilities resulted in all four of these men contributing together on one project.

‘27/9/10’, the debut CD, by Endoplasmic flow is the fruit of their collective creativity.

Variety is the splice of life. Endoplasmic Flow’s evolution was part design and part accident

(or ‘serendipity’ for the pessimistic reader). Michael Thomas Roe supplied two naturalistic solo pieces

(‘Lite’ and ‘Dark’) which Jon intended to hybridise with a selection of Con’s solos to compose ‘27/9/10’.

A chance element was introduced into this plan when Ole Christensen was invited to contribute some solo tracks

of a ‘cosmic industrial’ hue. ‘27/9/10’ is proof positive that too many cooks do not always spoil the broth. A

combination of Michael Thomas Roe’s rhythmics and Ole Christensen’s drone and melodic chords along with

improvised lead moments provide the main substance of the pieces on ‘27/9/10’. In these mixes, Conrad Schnitzler’s

solos were used to provide additional texture. This resulting CD contains three tracks of industrial ambience each

with the distinct presence of something that lives and breathes. Their factories are not sterile. The outcome is no echo

from a genetic cul-de-sac, instead it’s the confident sound of an evolutionary step forward.

Steve Eida

Jon Tyler listens to ‘Electronic Meditation’ by Tangerine Dream once every five years. And he’s played this album six times as a long-time connoisseur

of the work of veteran German Noise-maker, Conrad Schnitzler. Conrad’s influence inspired Jon to become more than mere passive listener. Jon’s first

active participation was to write descriptions of mixes found on Conrad’s private list. For those of you who don’t know, Conrad (or Con, to his friends)

has been evolving an ethos towards electronic sounds where he provides the raw materials and encourages others to create their own constructions

with these building blocks. A couple of years back, Jon decided that he would accept this challenge.

Jon is first and foremost an enthusiast. No young buck seeking a fast one. You could picture him escaping to the sanctuary of a shed at the end of his

garden after another day of South-east English domesticity. In this sound-laboratory, equipped with recorders and samplers donated by Herr Schnitzler,

he houses an extensive collection of Con’s building blocks and it is here that Jon creates his own mixes. The tone of Mr. Tyler’s mixes is as varied as

that of their sonic components. Common to these mixes is a sense of space both in terms of dimension and location. Jon paints on a large canvas whilst

allowing the colours of the individual sounds to shine through. The sound-scapes that he creates are limited only by the listener’s imagination. Jon is his

own man but pays careful attention to his old ‘Master’s’ voice- Conrad is the quality control consultant. One word of warning- do not allow Jon anywhere

near your collection of popular electronica recordings, if you hold them dear- he will mash them with a hammer and use a recording of the destruction

in his next mix!

Steve Eida
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CONRAD SCHNITZLERさんがらみのダークアンビエントユニットの限定100枚のみのCDR作品を2枚のみ1500円の特価でお求めいただけます^^ 日本では入手困難なレア盤です^^ …


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